Detailed below is the set of links Guy Kawasaki used to demo Twitter at the OPEN Forum booth at CES 2010 – an overview of why Twitter is such a valuable marketing tool. An additional overview of how one can best use Twitter can be found here.




Best Practices

  • Always be linking—“inform.”
  • Always be responding.
  • Always be getting retweeted.

Dogmas to Ignore

  • You should “me-form.” You can but only if you’re Lance Armstrong.
  • You should not repeat tweets. You shouldn’t if they’re boring, and you have only 100 followers. You can if they’re not, and you have thousands of followers.
  • You should not automate tweeting with feeds. You shouldn’t if you don’t want to have a life, but you can if you do.
  • You should not use ghosts. You don’t need ghosts if you’re omniscient, but more smart people looking for good links is always better.
  • You should make everyone happy. If you’re not pissing someone off on Twitter, you’re not using it right.
Please note, this article is repurposed from Guy Kawasaki's own blog, originally posted here.