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Tracking Social Media Marketing+

Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter make it easy for people to come together and share opinions, experiences...

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The E-Book Wars of 2010+

This year will see a tidal wave of e-readers arrive, and as soon as they arrive they’ll be instantly commodified....

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Twitter for Grannies+

Tweeting via Fax Machine Dorothy Miller has hopped on the Twitter bandwagon, but the 80-year-old grandmother doesn’t use a computer...

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Emailing Guide+

This Emailing (HTML Email) Guide contains tips and tools on how to create compatible HTML email which will display correctly...

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QR Codes: The Future of Marketing+

Last year I was introduced to the unusual concept of QR Codes at a Global Marketing Meeting of a Car...

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Embed Links within YouTube videos+

If you publish a lot of YouTube videos on specific topics, this post will be very useful. With annotated links,...

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Ikea using Facebook geniusly+

Creating awareness is one thing but engaging people is another. Brands are getting more involved with making sure that they...

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How to (Advanced) Search Twitter+

Let’s look at how to search Twitter properly: Use Twitter (advanced) search Actually, Twitter advanced search feature is really unique...

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Twitter Extensions+

Everything you ever wanted to do using Twitter Ads TwitterCard A TwitterCard is a compact twitter widget that acts as...

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Maintain Multiple Analytics Profiles on a Single Dashboard If you need to maintain multiple Google Analytics accounts for different sites...

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Car Shopping goes Social+

There are so many different brands and models to choose from that comparing reviews for current – past models, taking...

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